UK BottleCrop


The Household Hydroponic Urban-Farming-System

BottleCrop is the smallest hydroponic growing system in the world. It was developed to grow lettuce and herbs on any standard windowsill.

The handling is simple for adults and children alike. Better still, you can reuse BottleCrop again and again, in fact as many times as you like. Once set up, no additional watering or attention is required until harvest!

NASA will be trialling BottleCrop as part of its manned mission to Mars.

Fresh - Clean - Tasty!

It contains no soil, so is completely free of both snails and dirt that can pollute the lettuce or spoil your windowsill.

The protective box can be opened at any time to view root development. This makes it a great activity for teaching children about the growth of plants, or just to excite their imaginations.

BottleCrop saves up to 97 percent of water compared to a field-grown lettuce and therefore protects the environment in a very modern way.